WordFinder 10.1

The fastest and most flexible tool available for finding a correct translation

WordFinder Professional is the fastest and most flexible tool available for finding a correct translation, term or synonym. It enables you to streamline your communication. Look up a word, double-click on the translation and it is automatically pasted into your program. Helps you find the right headword even when you misspell a word. Available for dictionaries in Danish, English, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Helps you find the correct conjugation for the most common irregular verbs. Available for verbs in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Freedom of choice and high quality.
Choose from 120 dictionaries in 15 languages within a variety of subject areas. This extensive range makes it easier for you to identify a dictionary that suits you and your operations. WordFinder offers the most comprehensive range of dictionaries from the world’s leading publishers including HarperCollins, Oxford University Press, Porto Editora, Larousse and Stedman’s. WordFinder Easy Reader
WordFinder Easy Reader is the perfect tool for quick translations of words while searching for information using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Put your cursor over the word you are uncertain of and WordFinder Easy Reader gives you the translation directly. A unique pop-up window that tracks the mouse cursor, allows you to view the translation at all times. WordFinder Easy Reader runs also with other applications but without the mouseover feature. WordFinder Easy Reader is an independent program that is installed at the same time as WordFinder 10 Professional. The program uses the dictionaries you have installed in WordFinder 10 Professional. That way you get the same high level of accuracy and quality with WordFinder Easy Reader.

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