WordFinder 10.5

It is a tool designed for finding a correct translation, term or synonym

This software called WordFinder is an amazing tool where you kind find a solution to your needs. This particular software is an electronic Dictonary System available for twelve different languages. This software is a commercial one, you will have the opportunity to download only the Demo version, this download includes examples and graphics to view and undersand what does this program do. Let me share some information regarding this excellent tool and try to explain its function. This program contains the most complete range of electronic dictionaries available, as well as software that produces content with the correct tone, style and effect. The WordFinder Dictionary System gives you access to more than 100 different dictionaries in 10 different languages. You will need just one mouse click to obtain ideas for translations, phrases and synonyms that can be easily pasted into your document. The program analyze grammar, spelling and style in English texts and also allow you to configure checks for formal or informal content. In one word you will have the confidence to write and explain your ideas in a personal or business way without errors. This kind of tool will improve enormously your spelling and grammar writing. I invite you to use it. If you have the opportunity visit its main site, it has also other kind of tools.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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